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New science-fiction short story, Amaaliane (Ninety-Eight of One Hundred).

Tweaked / updated my science-fiction short story, Objects in Motion … Small changes to the text. Biggest change was switching to numbered sidenotes, so that they will show up in the mobile version.

New Blog entry: Using Paragraph Styles In Your Word Processor talking about exactly what it sounds like — why, when, and how teachers should use paragraph styles when making educational materials. Based in part on sections of Every Teacher's Guide to Technology in Education.

New Blog entry: Interface Metaphors for Teachers, where I discuss the question why do we cut, copy, and paste in our word processors? and why educators might care. It is partly from my upcoming book Every Teacher's Guide to Technology in Education.

New Blog entries. One on Deepfakes and another about Technology in Education. The second is from my upcoming book Every Teacher's Guide to Technology in Education.

2019-01-21 News: Total Redo of the Site

I've totally redone the site. Cruft has been cleared away, filesystems have been optimized, etc. Some content is already up; I will continue adding more, especially into the blog and TESOL Resources sections.

What's at OsugiSakae.com

Blog : Occasional thoughts on TESOL / ESL topics, technology, EdTech, and things Japanese.

Templates : Templates I have created for various purposes. Currently mostly LaTeX, Markdown, ODT, and SVG templates. Not exciting, but hopefully useful.

TESOL Resources : Games, worksheets, and other materials for teaching English to speakers of other languages. Also includes papers I have written for my classes at ODU.

Writings : Non-ESL things I have written over the years. Includes an incomplete intro to cryptography and an intro to using LaTeX. My professional TESOL papers are in the TESOL section.

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