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Saturday, May 5, 2007

A fair review

Wow. Linux is really moving up in the world. I just read a fair review of a Linux distro in the mainstream press.

Think on that for a moment. A fair review. Not a FUD-fest. Where lots of non-techie people are going to read it.

This is very good. I believe most Linux distros are fully capable of holding their own against MS Windows in a fair comparison. Maybe not winning every time, but that is just reality. Fair comparisons have been pretty rare in the mainstream press, unfortunately.

Who knows, maybe they still will be rare in the future and today’s was just a fluke. Possible, but I don’t think so.


posted by Osugi Sakae at 05:08  

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

DMCA makes (some) random numbers illegal

There is a bit of an uproar over the HD-DVD people’s attempts to preserve their “intellectual property” as well as’s reaction to said attempt.

Basically, it comes down to a string of numbers and letters that are meaningless to humans. Combined with the correct software, hardware, and an HD-DVD disc, however, these numbers give access to the content of that disc.


posted by Osugi Sakae at 21:39  

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