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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

List of Tables in OOo Table of Contents

So I am working on my MA TESOL research paper, and decide I want to put include the List of Tables (LoT) in the Table of Contents (ToC). Creating a ToC in is incredible easy, but adding things to it is much less so. Correction: finding out how to add things to it is not so easy. Once you know how though, it is pretty simple.

Obviously, you first need to have a ToC and something you want to add to it that isn’t already added by default. If you are using headings (and you should be!), you can easily add heading levels by changing the ToC settings. Right click on the ToC, select “edit index/table”, and set the appropriate level in the text box located to the right of “evaluate up to level”. In the screenshot, I have my ToC include heading levels 1, 2, and 3 by setting OOo to evaluate up to level 3.

ToC includes heading levels 1 to 3


posted by Osugi Sakae at 22:08  

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