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Monday, April 25, 2011

Templates in Thunar

I have been using XFCE recently. KDE 4 is nice and all, but a bit flaky and I am tired of kmail and kopete (occasionally) losing settings after point updates. After switching to Pidgin and Claws Mail, and already using Firefox as my main browser, I figured, why bother keeping KDE? So I switched to XFCE, which is lightweight, fast, and full featured. Of course, my must have KDE apps – like amarok, kalarm, and dolphin – still work just fine.

Thunar is the default file manager for XFCE. There are a few things I don’t like about it, but like XFCE, it does what it is supposed to do and does it fast. Like many file managers, Thunar features a right click “Create Document” menu. By default (in PCLinuxOS at least) there is not much there, just a generic “empty file”. So, how to add new items to the “Create Document” menu?

Simple. Create a directory (aka “folder”) called Templates in your home directory (not the “Documents” directory, your /home/USERNAME directory). Next, put the files you want used as the basic for your new “Create Document” files into that directory. That is all. You are done.

Right click in Thunar and you should see the files from Templates listed in the submenu. BUT, they won’t have the extension (.html, .jpg, .ogg, etc.) so be sure you give them descriptive names – like textfile.txt or webpage.html or BlankWhite1600x1200Jpeg.jpg. The actual name won’t matter when you click on an item from the “Create Document” submenu, because Thunar will automagically prompt you to give the file a new name – and this time, the extension will be there.

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