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2019-01-21 News: Total Redo of the Site

I've totally redone the site. Cruft has been cleared away, filesystems have been optimized, etc. Some content is already up; I will continue adding more, especially into the blog and TESOL Resources sections.

What's at OsugiSakae.com

Blog : Occasional thoughts on TESOL / ESL topics, technology, EdTech, and things Japanese.

Templates : Templates I have created for various purposes. Currently mostly LaTeX, Markdown, ODT, and SVG templates. Not exciting, but hopefully useful.

TESOL Resources : Games, worksheets, and other materials for teaching English to speakers of other languages. Also includes papers I have written for my classes at ODU.

Writings : Non-ESL things I have written over the years. Includes an incomplete intro to cryptography and an intro to using LaTeX. My professional TESOL papers are in the TESOL section.

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